Background/ Project Rationale:

  • BEL as a responsible Corporate citizen has proactively taken water conservation measures so the  areas covered by BEL Estate and the surrounding areas of Ramachandrapura, Doddabommasandra, Sundarnagar, etc. move towards water becoming a sustainable zone.
  • It is imperative that in due course the demand for drinking water will surpass the supply from BWSSB. Alternate strategies such as rain water harvesting to recharge the ground water using RWH, lake and rooftop rainwater harvesting have been implemented.
  • Further, separate lines have been drawn to distribute Tertiary treated water for horticulture purposes, for which BEL has contracted BWSSB to pump TT water over eight kilometers from their Yelahanka treatment plant.
  • The inflow from the BWSSB, Yelahanka plant, reduces to about 50% during the summer months and needs to be augmented using tanker water.

Benefits from a multi-stakeholder engagement for the initiative:

  • Multi stake holders can use this knowledge and set up RWH to recharge the aquifer in their localities. Rooftop harvesting can cause a sizeable reduction in the demand on fresh water.
  • The recharge of the aquifer has helped raise the water table and the houses in the surrounding areas are able to get water at higher levels
  • Opportunities are being explored to use/treat  the primary/secondary sewage in the STP in BEL to utilise the spare capacities and generate more water especially during the lean summer months.


  • Residents living in areas surrounding BEL Estate
  • BEL employees
  • Other concerned parties such as conservationists eg. Friends of Lakes

Long Term Objectives:

  • BEL will help create a water sustainable zone and meet its water requirements locally with minimum inputs from BWSSB.
  • Explore ways and means to obtain the required water for consumption through renewable sources by Smart Water management
  • Work towards establishing zero water footprint

 Action Plans:

  • Share rooftop harvesting and groundwater recharge initiatives with employees, who mostly reside around the vicinity of the plant
  • Provide information on BEL’s lake initiative – 10 acre water spread – to employees and set up a waste water treatment plant for Doddabommasandra lake with support from Govt. bodies such as BBMP and LDA to address the 1MLD of water shortage during summer for treated water from the Yelahanka tertiary treatment plant


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