Background/ Project Rationale:

“Electronics City is spread over 900 acres with 158 companies and a total population of 1.25 lakh, its total water availability is a mere 85 LPCD. This despite the fact that the area receives average annual rainfall of nearly 6,400 ML.


The BWSSB fulfils only 33 per cent of the total fresh water need, and the rest comes from bore-wells and tankers. There is no sewage collection network and untreated sewage is released into storm drains, which is killing the local lakes. Sewage from the surrounding villages also reaches lakes in Electronics City.”  – Excerpt from the CII Report: ‘An integrated water management strategy for Bengaluru’ – March 2014

Benefits from a multi-stakeholder engagement for the initiative:

Ensure effective identification of issues by including stakeholders from various domains, development of practical solutions, efficient implementation of action plans, and inclusive approach to water management.


  • ELCITA, ELCIA, Corporate members, NICE Ltd, BMRCL, Real Estate Developers, KSPCB, LDA, BWSSB, Panchayat

Long Term Objectives:

  1. Strengthening the Implementation of the Water Policy in ecity (controls, checks, mechanisms and support required)
  2. Rejuvenation of lakes around ecity – as part of a larger initiative to facilitate a multi-stakeholder engagement to save our precious lakes 

Action Plans:

  • Implement water policy in an collaborative, systematic, and integrated way
    • Recharge, Rejuvenate, Reduce – Fix consumption levels, rejuvenate borewells, injection wells along storm water drains.
    • Measurements – metering and water quality testing facilities
    • Governance – Strengthen implementation of water policy through initiatives focusing on enforcement; conservation; communication and awareness building
  • Creation of Lake Development Councils (collaborative group of member companies; builders; panchayats) for each of the lakes in Electronics City – the first such councils will be set up for Doddathagur and Veerasandra lakes in collaboration with NICE; BMRCL and Prestige builders.

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