Of the total domestic sewage in Bangalore, around 50% is untreated and flows directly into storm water drains and lakes in the urban areas.While the capacity of sewage treatment infrastructure in the city is insufficient to treat the waste flow,we have an opportunity to adopt decentralized waste- water treatment and increase reuse at the local level.To develop community- specific plans for waste-water management,we need to

Encourage communities to take ownership and responsibility for water & waste-water management by inspiring and incentivising them to declare their intentions and goals.

Discourage non-compliance OR unauthorized practices. This means that we need to come together to support compliance with regulations and optimize water management practices by periodically sharing information on water use and discharge parameters.


Send out a call to conscientious people who will
Take a self-compliance pledge on management of water as per the regulations
declare water parameters source, usage, quality, quantity on a quarterly basis
report environmental violations related to water, which will be shared with the relevant regulatory bodies(KLCDA, KSPCB, BWSSB, BBMP and Police department).